We build custom made liftmounted sprayers, based on certain standard models in order to facilitate the choice.

We can difference two principal types of machines. On one hand we have Pulmatic E model, which includes the models from 100 to 1200 liters, passing by 200, 400, 500, 600, 800, 1000 and 1200 liters. On the other hand, we have Pulmatic, which includes models from 800 to 1400 liters, passing by 1000 and 1200 liters. Finally, the liftmounted sprayers Pulmatic S, which includes models of 1600, 1900 and 2200 liters.


The range of trailed sprayers Pulmatic S consist on adapted chassis in tanks from 1600 to 2200 liters with an elevator by parallelogram or by central tower, to which three different types of Boom sprayers can be adapted according to the application; MV, MK, MX (steel or stainless steel), MVX (stainless steel), MU (stainless steel), HV (stainless steel) and MVA (aluminium), the last two designed specially to incorporate air sprayer boom. With widths from 10 to 36 meters depending on the model.

  • MVX 18m
    MVX 18m
  • MU
  • MU
  • MVX 24m
    MVX 24m
  • Geometria MVX
    Geometria MVX
  • WF1600 + P1900S MVA 18
    WF1600 + P1900S MVA 18
  • MH
Pulmatic S
A(mm) Max.3500
B(mm) 2400 to 2600
C(mm) 1800 to 6000
Weight Kg) 1100 to 1700