Pneumatic sprayer

In order to optimize the crops’ treatment we have some implements designed focusing on the optimal operation for the application in the crop. 

In particular, the pneumatic sprayers are machines with the capacity to surround the plant by a phytosanitary cloud destined to create an total impact on the plant.

We have two types of pneumatic sprayers:

  • Individual diffusers 

  • Homogenic diffusers

  • A3000 + difusor homogeneo
    A3000 + difusor homogeneo
  • Barra de difusores
    Barra de difusores
  • Difusor homogeneo
    Difusor homogeneo
  • Difusors individuales
    Difusors individuales
  • Difusor homogeneo
    Difusor homogeneo
  • Difusores individuales
    Difusores individuales