Air sprayer boom

In order to optimize the spraying, optionally, we equip our machines with an air assistance system. It is achieved by an air sprayer system installed on the boom sprayer, which spreads out the air flow to each spray jets.

Thanks to the power flow of the air in the spraying, we obtain a considerable saving of product due to the elimination of its drift. Moreover, the application’s efficiency is improved, because of:


  • Reduces the drift
  • Saves up to 30% on chemicals
  • Better penetration in the crops
  • Faster spraying speeds


Furthermore, it is possible to regulate the air speed from 0 to 10m/s.


There are three different assembly options depending on the measurement of the boom sprayer:


  • 1 fan  d. 700mm and 39000 cubic meters per hour.
  • 1 fan  d. 800mm and 48000 cubic meters per hour.
  • 2 fan  d. 700mm and 70000 cubic meters per hour.


In order to not overheat the hydraulic system, it comes with an integrated cooling system.

  • MVA 20m
    MVA 20m
  • 70
  • Unimog, HV 18m
    Unimog, HV 18m
  • MVA 18m
    MVA 18m
  • Pulmatic 4000
    Pulmatic 4000
  • HV 28m
    HV 28m
  • WF1600 + P1900S MVA 18
    WF1600 + P1900S MVA 18
  • 76